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One For One

We all purchase shirts that eventually just hang around in our closets not getting a fair chance to be worn anymore.  Let's give that shirt a second life by sending our way and you can upgrade to a beautiful handcrafted made in USA Jeff shirt for 25% off. 

Email us a picture just so we can quickly inspect there are no major stains or rips and receive a 25% discount code on all shirts from our site. Shipping is always free so not to worry about those expenses. 

Worried about where your old shirt ends up?  We will help dress people in need around the world with your old threads.  We work with various charities and help people as we see fit on a daily occurrence.  This will all be tracked on our Instagram profile so feel free to watch where your shirt ends up.

*** This is a 1 for 1 program.  Feel free donate 5 shirts and purchase 5 new shirts at 25% off.  Unlimited 1 for 1

Give us a try, only available on our web store.