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Our Factory

     Located in the Northeast since 1964.

     In 1964, the owner started making shirts in his mother’s basement. The son of a presser and a seamstress, the teen knew very little of the serious mechanics behind shirt making, but he built a knowledge of the craft with curiosity and intuition. Constantly diversifying his craft, his first clients were local musical acts that made it big under his tailoring: The Rascals and Vanilla Fudge, among them. After working with companies out of the Midwestern United States for years, and growing tired of the lack of attention paid to detail and cut, he settled on his own factory in the northeast.

 It was here that he gleaned better pattern making skills, growing his enterprise tailoring shirts for gentlemen who took notice to his careful eye. 

     In the decades that followed, the family persistently pursued perfection of its craft.  Practicing what some describe as a dying art, growing the business not only as premier custom shirt maker but as one that designers and men’s boutiques would seek for wisdom to create their shirts at this facility.

     Today, the family owned operation is one of the last remaining American custom shirt makers with all manufacturing still based in the USA.  With resilient devotion to perfection, the family celebrates innovation while respecting the art of the old world. Decades of flawless craftsmanship, our custom shirts are made by artisans who have been sewing for generations and bring all their history and skill to each individual garment they make.

      Today we are proud of the business our family has built and currently sharing with many great brands around the world.