About Jeff





Born in the heart of New York City,   The Jeff clothing brand identity embodies urban sophistication. Our collections reflect the dynamic, ever-changing nature of city life, capturing the essence of contemporary fashion while maintaining a refined and polished aesthetic.

With our NYC-based in-house atelier and a skilled, passionate design team, we bring our loyal customers attainable luxury collections, all while maintaining the elegance and sophistication for which Jeff is renowned.

Throughout our illustrious history, we have developed a unique style  that resonates with a diverse audience. This distinct aesthetic has attracted a following of discerning individuals, fashion-forward celebrities, and even members of royalty.

Our commitment to quality, refinement, and innovation is unwavering, and we continuously strive to expand and elevate our collections. As a modern fashion brand, Jeff takes pride in blending the rich heritage of our past with the cutting-edge trends of today.