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Return policy

Any items returned to us must be in their original condition – if they’re not, we may be unable to accept them.

We may make a deduction from the refund for loss in value of any goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by you. 

Clothing: When trying on clothing, please ensure that you are not wearing any fragrance, make-up or deodorant that may leave a scent or mark.


How to make a return

Online returns to Online Store

Firstly tell us the reason for returning your purchase by writing the corresponding letter into the ‘Return Code’ column against the relevant item on your delivery note. A list of return codes are listed below.

Then send the goods you wish to return, along with the note to:


Jeff Returns Department 



EDISON, NJ 08817

Items must be returned within 15 days of order receipt. We will send you a shipping slip.

Return Codes:

A   I ordered two sizes/colors to compare 

B   It’s not really my color 

C   You sent me the wrong item/size/color 

D   What you sent me was faulty 

E   Just doesn’t fit right 

F   My order didn’t arrive in time 

G  The item doesn’t look like the picture I saw online 

H   I’m disappointed with the quality 

I    It’s a bit too big 

J   It’s a bit too small 

K   I’ve changed my mind 

L   Unwanted gift

M   Exchange 

N   Other






As long as any goods you send back to us are in their original condition, we will refund your purchase within 7 working days of receiving your package. Note that your bank may need longer to process the credit back to your account. Internationally this can take up to 30 days.



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